Admit it, expensive weddings are impractical!  

Think about it, the money for a wedding is almost the same as the cost of buying a new car or purchasing a home. 

And that makes more and more people break away from the trend of expensive weddings! 

Also, I’m pretty sure you don’t want a grand wedding in exchange for a low-key honeymoon, right? 

No one does. 

Here’s an idea for you:  

Ditch expensive weddings, go for an extravagant honeymoon instead. A perfect destination would be a Bali honeymoon resort!

Why Expensive Weddings are Impractical? 

Indeed, getting hitched isn’t cheap!  

A typical wedding would cost you thousands of dollars which can definitely make you break the bank in no time. 

Plus, it’s going to be a pain to organize as you’ll want most of your friends and family from the other side of the world to come to witness your special day. 

Flashy weddings are indeed impractical because of the cost and the time that you’ll spend to prepare for them. Plus, the stress of organizing everything can be too much to handle as well! 

I get it. It’s your special day and you want everything to be beautiful and perfect.  

However, expensive weddings can be impractical. For that reason, the idea of a simple and memorable wedding surrounded by close friends and relatives is a practical choice.  

So, it would be wise to spend the budget on something practical such as buying a house or going for a lavish honeymoon to celebrate your union. 

Do People Regret Having Expensive Wedding? 

Before getting too far, let’s emphasize not everyone regrets having an expensive wedding. 

Some really loved their wedding despite the high costs it involves. 

However, after the special celebration, some couples would take a pause and say…  

Grrr… we should have spent the money wisely.  

Unnecessary wedding details such as heavy decorations, table settings, transport, and invitations are a few examples of things that you shouldn’t be spending too much on. 

It makes you regret those expenses as you can put the budget into other things that matter the most. 

Plus, you’ll really end up regretting an expensive wedding if you don’t have that beautiful dress or if you don’t go all out on your honeymoon! 

But the question is, are expensive weddings really worth it?  

Are Expensive Weddings Worth It? 

Expensive weddings are worth it for those who can afford them. However, it’s not that practical considering the expenses, preparation, and stress that you might be dealing with while preparing for the big day. 

From a financial standpoint, I’d say an expensive wedding is not a good investment. Still, many people think their wedding is worth it as long as they know the cost beforehand. 

It may not be worth it for those walking down the aisle with student loans, mortgages, and other expenses to worry about as it makes spending as low as $20000 or more on a wedding difficult. 

On the other hand, couples who feel that their expensive wedding is worth it are those with a realistic budget and are comfortable with the amount they’re spending. 

 So, whichever bracket you belong to, it is important to plan your finances before spending on anything for the wedding.  

Why Should You Go For Extravagant Honeymoon Instead of Expensive Wedding? 

Instead of a high-priced wedding, why don’t you treat yourself to an extravagant honeymoon? 

There are various honeymoon destination spots that are worth visiting such as Greece, Columbia, Italy, Portugal, and Bali.  

These beautiful places can help you and your spouse to relax and enjoy each others’ company while on the honeymoon stage. Besides, it’s good to break away from your busy life from time to time.  

Being in a different place and doing things together is a great way to celebrate your union as husband and wife. 

It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s money-worthy! 

On a side note, here are a few honeymoon ideas for couples out there: 

  • A trip around the world 
  • A private island in the Caribbean 
  • Italy road trip 
  • African safari and beach combo 
  • Peru and Brazil 

Do your research before visiting these places to help you organize your itinerary and make the most of the trip. 

5 Tips on How to Achieve Simple Yet Elegant Wedding 

As we keep tilting to the idea of low key weddings, here are five few tips that can help you achieve a simple yet elegant wedding: 

  1. Decide on a budget. 
  1. Get rid of the extras.  
  1. Personalize your wedding ideas. 
  1. Use one reception for the entire day. 
  1. Make everything memorable.  

With these tips in mind, you can easily achieve a simple, elegant, and memorable wedding celebration.  

One more thing… 

Take time to prepare and always go for practical choices! 

Final Say  

The reason why we spend money on weddings is to “make it special” and it’s perfectly acceptable. 

However, you should consider the practical side too. For instance, expensive weddings can lead to potential financial issues in the future, especially for couples with struggling financial situations. 

The truth is… you don’t have to have an expensive wedding. It would be wiser to spend your money on something practical such as buying a house or going for a honeymoon somewhere relaxing and romantic. 

What matters most is you are now officially with someone whom you’ll be spending your life with forever. 

Best wishes to you both! 

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